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Wood is the widely available resource and most in demand in the USA. Wood related industries have had significant impact on the US economy. Lumber is needed in different construction, furniture, cabinets, home projects, and so on.

The United States Forest Service and the United States Department of Agriculture provide the guidelines for buying and selling wood. The department provides financial incentives for non-industrial private forest owners. Landowners can get state property tax rebates depending up on their state rules.

Timber is grown by private land owners throughout the country. Some land owners have surplus wood from their land and sell others. Live edge slabs of walnut, redwood, bay laurel, douglas fir, and so on are popular.

Hardwood and softwood are in demand in different forms such as planks, crushed, boards, bundles, and so on. Reclaimed wood from old barns, decking, or factories is also popular which can be reused in several other projects.

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Wood buying requires an understanding of the grades of the wood such as the firsts, seconds, selects, and so on. Type of wood cuts include plain-sawn, rift-sawn, or quarter-sawn. Woods with splits, knots, cracks, and checks among other defects are okay to buy. However, woods with warps, twists, or bows are avoided.

Different types of hardwood are oak, beech, teak, mahogany, maple, walnut, and so on. Softwood types are pine, cedar, douglas fir, and hemlock. Treated wood is suitable for rafters or stud wall that have long life. Seasoned wood with high moisture content needs to be dried. Rough-sawn wood has uneven surfaces whereas plane wood has smooth surfaces.

Wood can be bought from a nearby home improvement store such as Home-depot or Menards or Lowes. Buying from private parties is also common which is also good for bulk buying. If you know a local seller, you can contact them directly to avoid unnecessary charges and fees.

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You can request the assistance of a forestry expert if you want to sell wood on your own. The price of timber is determined by different factors such as type of wood and cut, weather when the wood was cut, grade of the wood, storage of the wood, strength, age of the wood, and so on. Exotic wood are priced differently as they are rarely available.

Selling to a single buyer in bulk is profitable. Price also changes based on the amount of timber being sold. Local harvesting practices and state rules also effect the pricing. Price also changes depending on the delivery of the wood.

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You can seek a professional consultant for determining the timber pricing, timber cruising, harvesting tips, sale preparation, and so on.

Knowing the boundaries while cutting the trees is crucial. Hiring an insured and bonded harvester proves to be safer.


Different online stores facilitate buying and selling of wood. Placing orders, payment, providing product details, tracking the sales, and so on are possible with online wood stores. Selling wood can be through craigslist posting and that is a simpler way to sell wood.

You can order samples from the online stores and place orders electronically. Once the payment is processed, your timber will be delivered. Return policies are also same for most online wood stores. Determining the quantity and grade of the wood required is essential for online Buy and Sell Wood.

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